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60 Days of Voltage: Day 5

Favorite Alpha

Hmm, I’m not sure if they define as alpha (I think they do?), but it’s a tie between Minato Okouchi (OTBS) and Toranosuke Hajime (OS). Well, they are good at what they do, and they are hot, so lol. Minato’s backstory did make me feel touched though.

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60 Days of Voltage: Day 4

Favorite Tsundere

I wouldn’t say my favorite since I haven’t played his route yet, but everyone else seems to agree with this one, so I’ll roll with it lol. So I’ll say Takuto Hirukawa. I’ll play his route later, to be sure.

60 Days of Voltage: Day 3

Favorite Sadist

Of the routes that I have played, I actually don’t know. I don’t think I’ve played many sadist routes, if at all. Based on opinion though, maybe Eduardo.


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60 Days of Voltage: Day 2

Hated Guy

I usually dislike characters or love characters. If it’s characters I dislike, probably Koichi from ‘In Your Arms Tonight’. I kinda understand him in his own route, but omg in other routes, Koichi just makes me want to… ugh.

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60 Days of Voltage: Day 1

Starting the 60 Days of Voltage challenge.


Favorite Guy

You mean out of ALL the routes I’ve played? Omg… whoa. Give me a moment. Um, it’s a tie between Masaomi Hibiya and Kaoru Kirishima. It’s just something about their personalities that just made them more likable lol. I like how despite all his talents, Masaomi still has no sense of direction. I like Kaoru because of how quiet he is and his love of cats. XD

30 Days of Voltage: Day 30

Write Voltage a letter

Dear Voltage,

Thanks for all the games you made and translated into English as well. I’ve spent so much money on your games (literally hundreds of dollars lol). But I have no regrets, because whenever I play a route, I always get so into the story, it’s always nice to play a variety of storylines. Continue being awesome like you always have. But if you’re reading, can you please release “最後の恋、僕にください”, “湘南初カレDiary” and “今夜アナタと眠りたいSeason2” in English? I’d really like to play those games. Especially “湘南初カレDiary”. Thank you. :)

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30 Days of Voltage: Day 29

Whether or not you’ve played IYAT, what’s your opinion on Koichi and/or the whole cheating aspect?

I’ve played IYAT… well only Genji’s route, but I have spoiled myself on the other routes in the past. And my opinion on Koichi is, well… at first I have a strong dislike for him, and throughout the storyline, I understand why he is the way he is. I understand.

But would I be able to deal with that, personally? No, I wouldn’t. I haven’t really been in any serious relationships at all (though I’m already 24), but I’ve had a few friendships that have become broken due to trust issues. If I marry someone, and find out that they’re cheating, I’d be pretty miserable. I’d just want out so bad, because someone cheats on me, how am I suppose to trust that person on anything? How would I know when they’re telling the truth about anything once they cheat? And that’s the deal breaker for me. Because trust is the one thing I need the most in a relationship, whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship or anything regarding my family.

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30 Days of Voltage: Day 28

Do you use the same name in all your games, or do they have to be different for each character?

Yes, I use the same name in all my games, which is my real name. It’s kind of silly, but I use my real name so I can feel as into the game as possible, you know? It’s like when I play a route I imagine as if I really am the MC in the game. And when I read the e-mails I get, it just feels more real. I know that’s silly, but it just feels more personal when I do that.

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30 Days of Voltage: Day 27

Game with the most routes you’ve completed

For main routes, it would be ‘Our Two Bedroom Story’. ‘A Knight’s Devotion’ comes in at a close second.

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