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Article: Idols pay their respects to Ladies’ Code RiSe and EunB on SBS “Inkigayo”

It’s such a sad time now. RIP to both and my condolences to the members, families, and friends.

(Random, but I changed the music playlist on my tumblr to a playlist with all the songs that Ladies’ Code have ever released. I at least want people to know more about their songs. They really are a special group.)

Jung Dong Ha to Release His First Solo Album in October


Jung Dong Ha to Release His First Solo Album in October

Singer Jung Dong Ha, most well-known as the vocalist of the long-standing rock band Boohwal, will finally be releasing his very first solo album in October, nine years after his debut.

Jung Dong Ha’s agency Evermore Music released on August 28: “We recorded Jung Dong Ha’s first solo album over three days at the Ocean Way Studio and West Lake Studio in Los Angeles from August 24 to August 26.”


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……… Never gonna let you down?


Artist: Cryaotic
Album: Late Night with Cry and Russ
Plays: 257,543
My mom’s coworker got this for her from Korea. (⌒▽⌒) #korea #한국