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30 Days of Fly to the Sky: Day 30

For those who don’t know of Fly to the Sky, how would you get them interested?

I’d probably show them this video first which shows their title songs from the 1st to the 8th album. Then, I’d show them performances from their 9th album. And then I’d recommend some variety shows with FTTS; like Love Letter, Xman, etc, to show them their personality. Yeah, that’s what I’d do. :)

[HHNBMEDIA] Looking for translators, subbers, uploaders


Hello, HHNBMEDIA is where we upload videos, performances, variety shows for Kpop duo, Fly to the Sky. We are currently looking for translators (Korean to English, Japanese to English, and Chinese to English), uploaders, and anyone with experience in subbing videos (from timing, etc).

Obviously this will take a lot of your free time, so only if you’re will to become a staff of HHNBMEDIA you should apply. If you’re interested please message me here on tumblr or reply to this post. Thank you. :)

Translators Needed:
• Korean to English (To translate articles, interviews, TV shows)
• Japanese to English (To translate articles, JPN-subbed videos)
• Chinese to English (To translate CHN-subbed videos to English)

Subbers Needed: Timers


Videos/Shows that need to be translated/subbed [Click titles for RAW links]:
•  Any radio appearance
•  JTBC Let’s Go to School
•  MBC Star Gazing
•  Mnet Dirty Talk
•  SBS Smile People
•  Other unsubbed interviews

I’m reblogging this on my personal tumblr, but HHNBMEDIA is where I upload everything related to Fly to the Sky (including solo activities), so if you want to download FTTS/Brian/Hwanhee stuff, go there. I take requests there. But as this post says, I’m looking for translators and subbers. If you’re interested message me on the hhnbmedia account.

Can anyone please just reblog this? I really need help finding translators and subbers. Thank you!

30 Days of Fly to the Sky: Day 29

Why do you love Fly to the Sky?

Why? Hmm… the reason why I started liking them was just watching my local Korean channel one day and by chance they were performing, so I became their fan right there. As for why I’ve remained their fan for all these years (13 years, to be exact)… it’s hard for me to pinpoint one reason. I like their music, I like how they interact in interviews and tv shows, I like how close they are to each other, I like how well they try to interact with their fans and how much they appreciate us. Those are all reasons, but all together those reasons are why I’m a fan. But the biggest reason of all is that throughout these last 13 years, their music has comforted me during my most difficult times. And the fandom. The FTTS fandom is a great fandom, it feels like a family honestly. I’ve always been a socially awkward person, but being in this fandom, I feel really comfortable. So that’s why I love Fly to the Sky. Because of all those reasons combined. And I’m happy with that.


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30 Days of Fly to the Sky: Day 28

Which Fly to the Sky song inspires you the most and why?

'그대는 모르죠 (Goodbye)' from their 5th album, Gravity. I would say this song has had the most influence on me. Their 5th album was released around the time I was a freshman in high school. I've suffered from depression and social anxiety for a long time, but during my freshman year of high school, my depression was really bad (to the point of being suicidal).

There were many days when I just didn’t want to deal with anything, so in order to prevent myself from feeling depressed, I would listen to music, and at least I would temporarily feel like I could drown myself in the song and not think of anything else. I used to listen to FTTS CD’s on a Discman CD player (I feel old now, kids don’t use a Discman these days lol). But ‘Goodbye’ was that one song that I could listen to nonstop when I wanted to get away from my depression. I remember one Saturday, I just lay in my room with my headphones on while I had ‘Goodbye’ on repeat for 3 hours straight. 3 HOURS. But I remember feeling better after those 3 hours. It didn’t feel like a waste.

I’m not saying that the song saved me from depression, I mean I still suffer from depression even now. (For me, depression will always be a lifelong battle.) It’s just… when I listen to that song, it makes me feel peace within myself, even if it’s only for a temporary moment. But that temporary peaceful moment made my depression a little bit easier to deal with. And I’m really thankful for that.

Wow, that was really long, sorry lol. I just feel like I had to write all of this to explain how much this song means to me.

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30 Days of Fly to the Sky: Day 27 (Part 2)

What artist would you like Fly to the Sky to collab with (who they haven’t with yet)?

4MEN. They’re one of my favorite K-ballad groups outside of FTTS. They really have powerful voices.

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30 Days of Fly to the Sky: Day 27 (Part 1)

What artist would you like Fly to the Sky to collab with (who they haven’t with yet)?

Davichi. Probably my favorite female ballad K-duo. They really have wonderful voices. :)

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30 Days of Fly to the Sky: Day 26

What song would you like an MV for (that doesn’t already have one)?

Probably ‘Your Voice’ from their 9th album. They promoted it for a little bit after ‘You You You’, and I think it’d be nice if it had an MV.

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30 Days of Fly to the Sky: Day 25

Have you ever met Fly to the Sky or gone to their concert?

I have gone to their concert back in 2008. The picture below is of the poster I have up in my room that is from the concert (at the bottom of the poster is info on when the concert was). It was amazing. Only concert of theirs that I’ve been to. Want to see them again one day. I’ve never met them in person, although when I sent a message to Brian’s official Myspace (when he still had one) he messaged me back. And he’s also replied to me on Twitter. I also have a Brian autographed 3rd Wave CD, a Hwanhee autographed calendar, and their 9th album autographed by both from their official Daum cafe. Pretty much as close as I’ve gotten to meeting them lol.

30 Days of Fly to the Sky: Day 24

Have you ever dreamed about Fly to the Sky?

Yeah, I have. I think I’ve been a fan long enough that I have. But it was… strange lol. I can’t go into every detail, only that generally, I was in a room with FTTS. I got their autograph, but like after Brian left the room… I somehow talked to Hwanhee despite my Korean being horrible. And towards the end he gave me his number/e-mail (not sure which one lol) and he was smiling at me at the end of the dream or something like that. Wonderful dream, lol. XD

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