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Jung Dong Ha to Release His First Solo Album in October


Jung Dong Ha to Release His First Solo Album in October

Singer Jung Dong Ha, most well-known as the vocalist of the long-standing rock band Boohwal, will finally be releasing his very first solo album in October, nine years after his debut.

Jung Dong Ha’s agency Evermore Music released on August 28: “We recorded Jung Dong Ha’s first solo album over three days at the Ocean Way Studio and West Lake Studio in Los Angeles from August 24 to August 26.”


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……… Never gonna let you down?


Artist: Cryaotic
Album: Late Night with Cry and Russ
Plays: 199,754
My mom’s coworker got this for her from Korea. (⌒▽⌒) #korea #한국
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I don’t make games, but I know when a game’s shit

cryaotic2017 apparently

Captain Crunch is when you really want that rough sex. Peanut butter Jiff cereal is when you wanna have that soothe- sensual kind, you know?


So, I just spent two days doing that.

If you look at my ‘+More’ page on my tumblr I have various links there (social media, etc.), but I just spent like two (or three?) days listing out my favorite youtube channels by category on one page, and another page listing the LP’s (Let’s Play’s) that I’ve finished so far, and ones that I’m currently watching. Both pages are linked on my ‘+More’ page on my tumblr.

Time well spent. Obviously I’m having a great summer, lol.


There’s a Touch Detective rhythm game now ⊟

The Touch Detective franchise has a lot more to do with looking at a bunch of Funghi mushrooms than solving mysteries at this point. For example: Osawari Tantei Ozawa Rina: Nameko Rhythm (Touch Detective: Funghi Rhythm) has you tapping note icons on the touchscreen… all of which are Funghis. 

Rakuten, the store that posted this trailer (via Nintendo Everything) has this shipping in November in Japan, with a free stylus. There’s no picture of the stylus, but I have a pretty good idea.

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