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30 Days of Voltage: Day 28

Do you use the same name in all your games, or do they have to be different for each character?

Yes, I use the same name in all my games, which is my real name. It’s kind of silly, but I use my real name so I can feel as into the game as possible, you know? It’s like when I play a route I imagine as if I really am the MC in the game. And when I read the e-mails I get, it just feels more real. I know that’s silly, but it just feels more personal when I do that.

30 Days of Voltage: Day 27

Game with the most routes you’ve completed

For main routes, it would be ‘Our Two Bedroom Story’. ‘A Knight’s Devotion’ comes in at a close second.

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30 Days of Voltage: Day 26

Character you love to hate

Hm. A character that I love to hate? I don’t think I have a character I feel that way about. It’s not like I enjoy hating characters, lol. I usually dislike characters or love characters. If it’s characters I dislike, probably Koichi from ‘In Your Arms Tonight’. I kinda understand him in his own route, but omg in other routes, Koichi just makes me want to… ugh.

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[BREAKING NEWS] 140414 @Brianjoomuzik (@byouent) @codename911 (@H2_media) comeback in May! Concert in early June!Fly to the Sky’s Brian and Hwanhee are preparing for a comeback in mid-May with a brand new album. The exact comeback date is still being determined. It has been 5 years since their last release “Decennium” back in 2009 to celebrate their 10th anniversary. This year will be their 15th year since debut.Since it has been quite some time since their previous album, lots of thought and attention have been given to the new album to ensure that this R&B duo will bring high-quality music that would meet the expectations and anticipation of the fans. Both members want to gift the fans with the most complete presentation of their album.At the same time, there will be a Fly to the Sky concert in early June so that there will be an opportunity to meet the fans directly.(credits: naver news; summarized in English by @brianjoo110 Twitter / @brianjoofans Tumblr)

30 Days of Voltage: Day 25

Most Tragic Character

Well, probably Issei Sezaki from ‘Kiss of Revenge’. Technically, I haven’t played KOR yet, but I’ve read reviews on his route (I don’t mind spoilers, lol) and his route is pretty tragic. I honestly do want to play his route soon though.

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30 Days of Voltage: Day 24

Funniest Character

Ryuzo Hatta from ‘Dreamy Days in West Tokyo’. Ryuzo is cute, but sometimes he’s just hilarious, especially in S1 how he misunderstands situations and totally thinks about it in a funny way. That’s what I love about Ryuzo, lol.

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30 Days of Voltage: Day 23

Favorite CG

From ‘A Knight’s Devotion’ on Special Story 花冠に愛をこめて

From ‘Be My Princess’ during Edward’s routes

Least Favorite CG

I don’t have at least favorite. There are so many good CG’s. ;__;

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30 Days of Voltage: Day 22

Favorite Soundtrack

What. What? I’m a soundtrack fan to the max. How am I supposed to choose one favorite? Omg. Okay, let me think for a moment. I love so much of the soundtrack, but if I had to choose, then I’d choose ‘Serendipity Next Door’. The soundtrack is so nice, plus Masaomi’s guitar is beautiful in there.

Least Favorite Soundtrack

Huh. Considering how much I get into soundtracks, do I even have a least favorite? Actually, I don’t. I get really into the soundtrack in each game, so no I don’t have a least favorite. That’s way too hard a question, lol!

30 Days of Voltage: Day 21

I can’t really say much on this, because I’ve only done Edward’s route in BMP, and this is based on my impressions of the butlers as I see them in Edward’s routes and sub stories.

Favorite Be My Princess butler

If I had to choose, then… Louis. I know, I know. Total Edward bias, since I’ve only played Edward’s route, lolol. But honestly, Louis is amazing. I love how well he gets along with Edward, and how he understands Edward so well. Such an amazing guy, and omg, he plays the violin. Music is a plus lol.

Least Favorite Be My Princess butler

Hm. It’s hard to say this based on my impressions from Edward’s route alone, but… on second thought, I can’t choose a least favorite. I don’t think I know enough about the butlers to have a least favorite.

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