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Subbers and Fans.


This may not directly related to any KPOP groups.

You know, out there, there are bunch of subbers who kindly subbed dramas, variety programs, interviews and etc. I deeply thank *bow 90 degree* for their efforts. BUT…

I can’t stand it when fans keep on saying, “Please sub the next episode quickly” or “Where’s the sub for the next episode?”. Those idiotic fans keep on asking this and that to the subbers that it makes me mad. I’m not a subber. I’m a fan as well. I waited for days, months or even years for some shows to be subbed but I never ever asked the subber when they’re gonna finish subbing it because I know it’s not easy to subbed any videos. All the words need to be synchronized with the timing and blablabla. Lots of the subber are not even Koreans. They maybe learn the language at school or learn by themselves.

What I’m trying to say here, PLEASE DEAR FANS, PLEASE BE PATIENT. With those attitudes, some subbers already back off and stop subbing due to the pressures and stress from you guys. You keep on pressuring them. Why don’t you try to subbed the whole show?! We’re very lucky to have subbers around us, they are willing to spend their precious time to subbed the show so all international fans could understand. This shows that they’re not selfish. They shares what they know. We need to be patient and thankful.

s.b I CAN’T STAND THOSE “PLEASE BE FAST” comments on various sites.

s.b 2 I feel like replying to all the comments on behalf of the subbers but I can’t. 

s.b 3 I pitied the subbers. And want them to do their works at ease without any pressures. 


*claps* I totally agree. I’ve been a timer on various subbing groups for the past 6 years, and although I do love subbing, it does get to me sometimes when people are like, “WHY ISN’T IT SUBBED YET YOU’RE SO SLOW” or “SUB FASTER”. I’ve subbed MV’s, performances, dramas and variety shows in the past… it was nice though.

I still sub MV’s now *cough*melodicfever*cough* lol, but for those who still continue to sub dramas/variety shows/radio interviews, etc. I still wait patiently because I so understand what they’re going through.

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I just turned 19 this year and I feel too old for KPOP already.


To be honest I don’t think I am. But everyone around me outside the internet thinks i’m immature for liking kpop idol groups. My mom hates seeing the posters in my room. I disgust her that’s what she says… and stuff like I should grow up…i’m not 13 anymore. I’m just so confused, am I really that old for KPOP? I don’t feel like it though. I feel like KPOP is not only for kids and early teens.

No, you’re not. I’m 22 years old, been a fan of Kpop for the past 10 years (since I was 12), so no, you’re NOT too old for it. Not sure where you’re from, but where I am, there are plenty of older kpop fans. Lol for crying out loud, I saw A LOT middle-aged women at kpop concerts (FTTS and Wonder Girl concerts) in the past. You’re still very young. 

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KPop Secrets!: I'm pretty sure my girlfriend is only going out with me because I'm Korean.


I love my girlfriend. She’s great, she lights up my world, and she’s so gorgeous. I want to marry her but lately I feel like all she cares about is that I’m Korean and that I can help translate K-Pop related things for her.

When she found out that I’m going to Seoul to visit my grandparents, she…

I don’t think she’s worth it. I’m sure she has her good qualities, but if she’s someone you want to marry and at this point she still doesn’t realize she’s in the wrong, then it’s time to break up. There are plenty of other women out there that will treat you better. The fact that she threatened to break up with you when you mentioned her obsession just kind of clarifies everything, tbh.

KPop Secrets!: Cassiopeia's the worst fandom to be in right now


Whether it’s K-Cassies or Int’l Cassies, they’re falling apart. Turning their backs on the trio who left or the duo who stayed. It’s just crazy. Can’t we live in peace? Sure we got our bias but there won’t be JYJ nor HoMin if they weren’t originally TVXQ(5). Can’t we just remember that? How can…

I agree. I’ve been a fan of DBSK since their debut, and when the split happened, I kind of checked myself out of the fandom. Back then I used to check every single dbsk updated livejournal / blogspot / wordpress etc., was part of GOE;SS, used to check dbsk soompi thread constantly, used to spazz over them daily, used to read fanfics about them a lot, but not anymore. Actually my 50+GB collection of DBSK variety shows / radio shows / performances… I threw it away. =\ All I have left is the music + music videos of DBSK on my hard drive. 

I love JYJ and Homin, and I understand why JYJ did what they did, but after being extremely emotionally invested into DBSK5 for so long, it’s kind of exhausting now. I do keep up with their news every now and then, and I do listen when both JYJ & Homin have new music / music videos, but it’s so hard for me to get back into the fandom as dedicated as I was before. =\ I love them, but… it’s hard, you know?