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Colorized by Ayame at Soompi / x-lorigirl at tumblr

[Manga] Junjou Romantica Act 29 (Edit by Me)

Download: Link here

So I was bored and decided to re-edit Act 29 for the Junjou Romantica couple. I’m pretty sure I haven’t really attempted any type of cleaning for manga since I was a sophomore in high school (like more than 7 years ago lol).

I left the original credits to the translators in there. If anyone wants to tell me what they think of my cleaning… if it’s alright or if it really seems as newbie-ish as it feels for me, haha.

Oh and if the original translator/cleaner/typesetter of this chapter wants me to take this down, feel free to tell me. ^^ I don’t mind.

120318 Brian Joo @ Exploration of Genders EP 01

tags → #myedit #freedom 
Some coloring I did in Photoshop since I was bored… but I was too lazy to do anything much, so it’s pretty basic, lol. Happy Holidays anyway. :3