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naruto 644

naruto: wow second you really know a lot about my shadow clone jutsu!
tobirama: its my jutsu you lil shit! the fuck is up with you and minato stealing my material im gonna copyright everything and the fifth shinobi war is gonna start when i sue this damn family for plagiarism

Naruto 635

Forget everything else in this chapter except that Tsunade is alive, yay. But Kakashi. O.M.G. Do not do this to me, Kishimoto, I swear to god. If Kakashi dies and if he like stays dead for good this time, I swear I will cry a million tears. Thinking how sad he’s been for many years about Obito and Rin (at least we got the answer to Rin’s death btw) and then if he stays dead, I will just…. nope. I don’t think I can handle it. NOPE. NOPE. N-O-P-E.

Naruto 624

This chapter was interesting. It did feel like a wrap up of majority of the flashbacks. I think there isn’t a whole lot say on this chapter, because it really did feel straightforward. Seeing as how Madara and Hashirama’s relationship took a turn there, there could be many Naruto and Sasuke comparisons to that. If Hashirama killed Madara right there, then all the current stuff that’s happening… probably wouldn’t have happened. Hashirama not giving up… should he have given up? I guess that’s the question. It was an all right chapter.

Naruto 623

Well this chapter was slow paced, but it’s interesting either way. It was interesting to see Madara and Hashirama get close to each other. Even though they didn’t mention to each other which clan they were from, I think they did at least have a feeling about it. Based on the end of the chapter I guess we’re getting a fight between Butsuma, Tobirama and Tajima, Izuna on the next chapter. Thinking a few chapters back about how angry Madara was when mentioning his brother, I’m assuming something is going to happen here which will kind of make us understand why Madara’s so angry about it. Other than that, it was nice to see that Hashirama’s vision of Konoha started from way back then. Overall, it was an all right chapter.


Naruto 622

-Spoiler alert- as usual. So we’re still in the flashback within a flashback. Not as exciting as the other chapters, but definitely interesting. So I guess Hashirama and Tobirama had another brother, Itama… well before he got killed anyhow. Their father though? Well he’s a jerk. Although I guess being in a war, you’re bound to be one to a certain extent, maybe. So Madara had 4 brothers? But… what about Izuna? I wonder what all of it means. Or maybe Izuna simply wasn’t born yet, but I wish there was more of a twist to it, lol. Although I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that there was war back then as well. It’s like an endless cycle. It’s been pointed out, but I wonder if the cycle of wars will end. We’ll see. (Btw, still waiting for updates on Tsunade and the reason behind Rin’s death, lol.) Nice chapter overall.


Naruto 616-621

So…. I haven’t put my thoughts on any of the Naruto chapters for a very long while now lol. I actually haven’t read 616 to 621 until just now because I was busy (and kind of lazy). I’m just gonna summarize everything at once, lol. On to my actual thoughts… *SPOILER ALERT*

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Naruto 615

Spoilers ahead. Well, wow. I guess that means that NaruHina is officially canon, lol. Honestly I’ve never had an OTP in Naruto. Well sure, probably that only thing I kinda shipped was Naruto and Sasuke but that was mostly for fun, lol. Even though I never really shipped anyone, I’m down with NaruHina, assuming the story continues towards that direction. Regarding the rest of the chapter, I wonder when Obito and Madara will stop working together. Well they kind have since they keep disagreeing with one another, but I’m assuming that will happen at one point. I still want to know the reason Kakashi killed Rin, and also I want to see Tsunade again. ;___;

Naruto 614

Spoilers ahead. …Whoa. WHOA. I was NOT expecting that AT ALL. Way to shock me two weeks in a row, Kishimoto. I did not expect Neji to die at all. I mean last week’s deaths was shocking in itself, but Neji dying, I just started at that one page for I don’t even know how long. And I just tried to come to a realization to what I had just read. Like… wow. And when Neji said, “Because… I was called a genius…”, I just about lost it. I was going to seriously scream, “NO!”, it was just so… unexpected. I knew more people were going to die, but Neji wasn’t the first to come to mind before reading this chapter. And look, I know Obito’s been through a lot, but when he said, “I thought you wouldn’t let me kill a single one of your comrades”, in my mind I’m like, “Really, Obito? REALLY? Are you seriously saying this right now? Can’t you like be quiet or something?” Oh and btw, Kishimoto, I didn’t forget… you still have to tell us why Kakashi killed Rin. I’m still waiting for the reason. I’m still waiting (lol).